Whether your residential development project involves a single apartment block or large-scale real estate you can rely on our electrical contracting team at Sky Electrical.

We regularly undertake contracts of all sizes from three-month-long projects to contracts lasting up to five years that include an extensive variety of ongoing electrical maintenance from safety testing and routine inspection, emergency lighting, and fire alarm system maintenance among other work.

Benefits of a regular
professional electrical contract


Reducing costs – by efficiently maintaining your infrastructure and assets all your electrical installations and equipment will last longer and perform more effectively.


Keeping compliant – to remain in line with the law every electrical installation and everything connected to it must be maintained at a safe standard. All our electricians are RECI certified ensuring any work undertaken is always carried out to code.


Greater levels of predictability – While the unexpected can always occur, with a planned maintenance contract the likelihood of such an event is greatly reduced. Routine tests performed by qualified electricians can make sure you’re always ready for inspections and a programme of preventative maintenance will make sure all work and tasks are completed to an agreed budget.

Benefits of a regular professional electrical contract


Many of those we work with enjoy the additional peace of mind of knowing that we are always carrying out periodic maintenance visits to an agreed schedule, instead of waiting for when something goes wrong and having to react and cover the unexpected costs.


Our specialist electricians pride themselves on delivering professional and dependable services to property developers across the country and have an in-depth understanding of electrical requirements in a residential environment. With a comprehensive understanding of both health and safety legislation and building regulations, our electrical contractors provide services safely, and efficiently within your budget.


With extensive experience in handling electrical contracts for projects of all sizes, we are experts in scheduling and are always available to provide professional advice and expert recommendations for continuing developments and future projects.